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and maybe, maybe MYHK will move there definitely in the future.

Just thought I let the very few of you reading this know…


Local Texture 14

(but from abroad)

Inside of Texworld France envelope

Tung Po Kitchen Part 2

Always rowdy, always loud, always too much beer, always with amazing company, but above all always delicious. (and always a hangover the next day)

Local Textures 11

At the claypot restaurant by Ign.

Local Textures 10

Edible reindeer

Our neighbours

We have noticed quite a lot of animal life in the ‘hood lately.
Meet Porky, the terracota warrior pig.
Chow Chau, the dog that sleeps on the sidewalk with or without a t-shirt.
Miado the cat that guards the kitchen door of a greasy dim sum restaurant.
Bambs and Peps the medicinal deer.
And last but never least Doug the auspicious jade duck.
Gotta love our urban zoo.

Local textures 9

The Tower & The Moon